Top Places To Find Women

Most men think the best place to find a new woman is in bars, this is a serious misconception that means most men wake up with nothing but a hangover every Sunday morning. If you are seriously confident and know how to chat women up a bar or nightclub can be a good place to meet women but most men aren’t that confident with women and they spend their Saturday nights being blown out again and again.

Most men go to bars to try and pick up women but most women go to bars to dance and have fun, as soon as a semi-attractive woman enters a bar she will be pounced upon by one drunken desperado after another. Many women become frustrated by constantly being approached in bars so if you approach the wrong one at the wrong time you will probably be blown out harshly before you can even open your mouth.

In the bar or nightclub, she is the centre of attention and she is probably going to see you as another annoying drunkard, if she doesn’t blow you out immediately she will either get you to buy her drinks all night or use you for attention. If you want to have lots of success with women you need to be able to approach them without any having a drink first, there is a bit of stigma attached to men who are successful with women.

If you manage to learn and begin to get good at picking up women you don’t need to become some kind of Jiggilo, disrespect girls or lie to them. Once you get good with women you won’t want to disrespect them because you will realise how lovely they can be when you treat them properly. Becoming good with women will mean you can increase your social circle and probably ensure you get a better choice of life partner. In this post, we are going to suggest a couple of the best locations to meet women and none of them is a bar or nightclub. Another benefit of looking for women somewhere other than nightclubs is that you get to see them when you are not wearing your beer goggles and they haven’t spent four hours doing their makeup.

The Gym

Gyms and health clubs are great places to meet women. You will both be full of endorphins and feel good hormones, she probably won’t be wearing makeup or baggy clothes and you know you will both have an interest in staying fit. Just because she is in tight lycra doesn’t mean you can comment on her body parts though.

Walking The Dog

If you want to get a girlfriend get a dog, parks are great places to meet women and many of them love dogs. A dog will ensure you get lots of opportunities to meet and talk with other dog walkers and people with dogs often look much more approachable. If you can’t have a dog because of your current living situation or some other reason, borrow a dog. Dogs and children enable you to show your caring nature whilst still looking masculine.

This post was written and supplied on behalf of Elite Society London.